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The Central Florida NTP Time Service
Universal Cordinated Time (UTC)

This service is provided free of charge to Florida Computer Administrators and the Internet Community that need a accurate degree of time service for their Computer/Server/Network where this degree of time sync is needed.

Information about NTP protocal and service.

The Local Time Service in Central Florida is For sync requests email This time server is a Stratum 1 Clock. It uses the NTP (Network Time Protocal) standard for sync requests. The server has a precision better than 5uS + Network Jitter and employs a TN 1000A GPS Network Time Server with exterior Antenna Replacing the (FreeBSD 6.3 Unix Machine Running NTP4 Sync Provided by a shortwave Atomic WWV/WWVH clock as of 09/29/2013.) This is the most accurate type of Internet/Network time service available for those needing accurate dependable time throughout their Network or Computer. There is also Stratum 2 and 3 Servers on the Internet as well. A 2 Server syncs off a 1 and a 3 syncs off a 2. These Servers are ok for users that don't require a high degree of accurate time.

For those of you who are running Modern Windows Machines Using Windows 2000, XP(any version), Vista(any version) 7(any version), Server 2003/2008/2012 (any version), etc. simply click the time displayed in the windows task bar. Next click the time zone tab. In Florida for example it should be set to GMT -5:00 Eastern Time (US and Canada). Then tick the "Automatically adjust clock for daylight savings time" check box, since Florida observes daylight savings time. Next Click the Internet time tab. Make sure the "Automatically synchronize with a Internet Time Server" check box is ticked. Then in the server box enter, and click update now. If all went ok in a few seconds you will get a notice below the server box saying "The time has been successfully synchronized with" and if needed your computers clock will be adjusted by the time server. Click apply and ok closing the window. You are now all set and your clock will auto snyc via the time server as needed.

If you are running Win98/Win9X/NT/NT Server/etc you will need a NTP Time Application installed on your computer or server. These older flavors of Windows do not have a built in NTP Time App or client. Go to a search engine on the Internet and search for NTP time Applications or time service Applications (make sure you request NTP). There is a few other time service protocals, they will not work with the more popular NTP Servers. Download and follow the install instructions of the one you choose. There are many Windows NTP Applications still out there for free or for a fee so you may have many to choose from with different features.
Now if you are using a Flavor of UNIX/LINUX on your Computer/Server/Network log on as the "root" user and man either ntpdate or ntpd. Just then follow the instructions in the man pages. Some vary somewhat depending on what version and flavor of UNIX/LINUX you have.  

An example of a websites sync: The website Economy Septic Inc. is time synced by our time server.

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